Our Mission

Burning Bush Communities exists to:
TRAIN ordinary disciples of Jesus to live as local missionaries;
EMPOWER teams of missionaries to pursue their God-given missions;
SUPPORT local missionaries in our city.

Essential Beliefs

We affirm the Nicene Creed and the Lausanne Covenant.

What Burning Bush Missionaries Do

Go and establish a presence in the places we're called to,
Reveal the Kingdom by word and deed,
Invite others to walk with us as disciples of Jesus,
Train and release disciples for the sake of mission.

Core Values: What We Are About


The way of Jesus is our way. Before and in all things we value Jesus as the image of the invisible God. We long to worship Jesus by imitating his life and ministry. Both our theology and praxis is relentlessly Christ-centered. He is our model, mentor, hero, mediator, savior, judge, king and ruler of all. All of our values flow from what we understand about his character, concerns, and the practices of his ministry.

The Lost

We value lost people because they are spiritually poor. We believe the good news of the kingdom is the most important commodity with which the church and the people of God have been entrusted. For this reason we will engage the lost. We believe that the church should not expect lost people to come and find them, but that we are called and sent to “seek and save that which was lost”. Again, we will emphasize the life and ministry of Jesus by prioritizing those who have not yet heard and believed the good news. This is our first and most important task.

The Poor

We will remember the poor because we believe that God does. We believe that they are central to his mission in the world. It is our conviction that God is always on the side of those who have no one on their side. For that reason we believe the church should also stand on the side of the poor, and in so doing stand in solidarity with the heart and work of God. Jesus’ own ministry is our model. We welcome all people but prioritize the poor in our ministry concern, allocation of resources and advocacy. We do this, not because the rich and middle class are less important to God, but because they already have access to resources and are able to advocate their own cause. It is our belief that the church should therefore prioritize and remember those who have less, and access to less, so that in all things there might be equality.

The Whole World

While we understand that our most transforming ministry will take place where we are planted and in our own city, we commit ourselves to the mission of God to reach the whole world. We believe that Jesus came as the savior, not of one people, but of the whole world. We value the world because we believe that God is a global God. We assume responsibility for the world, not because we believe we can reach it alone, but because we accept the mandate of the great commission and the heart of God to love and sacrifice for the discipleship of the whole world. We accept this apostolic mandate to send and be sent into every part of the world and our place in partnership with the global church.

Core Character: Who We Want to Be

People of Simplicity

We commit to live a life free from distraction and the allure of materialism. We affirm that every believer and every community of believers has a responsibility to renounce the sins of its own people. As North Americans we renounce the slavery and idolatry of materialism by embracing a simple lifestyle. We do not believe that money or things are in themselves evil or to be avoided, but that the love of money and things is one of the greatest perils facing western Christianity in our time. We willingly use material things and wealth for the service of the kingdom, but not for personal fulfillment or inappropriate luxury. In so doing we again value the poor who have less, justice in living for equality and personal holiness in pursuing a whole hearted devotion to God. Further, we want to be people who desire the Kingdom first, and who will let Jesus remove any and all distractions from that goal, even if they are not bad things in and of themselves.

People of Humility

We commit to pursue humility as one of the chief virtues. We expect it in leadership, in community and relationships, in our theology, in the contextualization of our mission, in our prayer, and even in our appraisal of ourselves and others. We are convinced that humility is necessary for following Jesus as an individual and as an organization. In individuals we hope for humility in all our relationships and leadership roles. As an organization we hope to be a flexible learning organization, looking always to refine our commitments and expand our understanding and revelation of God and His call upon us. We believe in the living prophetic word of God, that it can be heard and obeyed, yet we also believe that we are flawed listeners and should always listen and follow with humility.

People of Passion

With Jesus as our model, we want our lives to be characterized by passion. In the most surface sense it means that we should be moved by our relationship with God, and maintain a high level of dedication in all we do for Him. In a deeper sense it means that we value suffering and sacrifice. We see Jesus’ willingness to suffer for the lost and the hopeless as a model for all who would come after Him, and that we likewise are to take up our cross and to walk the way of suffering. Not seeking pain or persecution, but not shrinking back from it either. We are convinced that the clearest expression of the gospel is love, and that love is forever re-defined by Jesus in His death for us. We value the kind of radical faith that expects every believer to be ready and willing to suffer and sacrifice for Jesus, His name and His kingdom. We realize that this value is not mainstream, and that it contradicts the cultural current of prosperity and the idea that in all things God wants to give us personal success. We denounce this idea and affirm that the kingdom will not be revealed through selfish ambition, but through passionate, sacrificial love.

People of Sacrificial Love

The greatest commandment we received from Christ was to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, strength and mind. The second was to love our neighbor as ourself. We know that this love is not an emotion, but a choice. The love that Christ commands is a love that sets aside its own self interest and seeks the best for our neighbors. Whatever we do, if we do not do it with this love then it will not glorify our Lord. Our ultimate goal is to birth communities filled with the sacrificial love which points the world to Jesus, from whom the love originates, and we determine to make sacrificial love the foundation for our relationships with those we serve with and those whom we seek to serve.

**We give credit to our friends from the Underground Network in Tampa for the core values and passions above . . . they are an inspiration to us and we borrowed these definitions from their Manifesto.